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Inner-city living – It’s a dogs life..

By Luke Frizelle

*Above – Bubbles one of the cutest dogs you’ll ever meet

According to Ray Morgan research more people in Australia share their home with a dog or cat than with a child. It’s no wonder people tend to say fur-child rather than pet these days.

Walk around any inner-city suburb and you will notice how many of our furry friends are out and about with their family. Australian’s have always enjoyed their pets but traditional ideas about pet ownership seem to have shifted dramatically. Gone are the days of thinking you need a quarter acre block, getting a dog and popping it in the backyard for the rest of its life.

With many people choosing the inner-city lifestyle and properties generally comprising of apartments and terrace homes, space is no longer an obstacle to dog ownership especially when you take your dog with you whenever you leave the house. With all the dog friendly parks and even doggie day care centres there’s no problem with exercise and stimulation for our four legged friends, and going to a café on the weekend it’s almost a prerequisite you bring your dogs with, you’ll notice a water bowl outside most cafes. There’s no doubt that dogs have become a part of the fabric of inner-city living. If you’re around our office and need to pop in, your dog is more than welcome too.

The Carrington Hotel

Dogs are welcome throughout this great pub and there is even a doggie menu. For $5 your Frenchie could be dining on Beef Tartare


All natural gourmet treats, apparel, behaviour, grooming

Prince Alfred Park Next to Central Station

Large, contained, off leash dog friendly. You can generally find a group 10+ dogs living it up together early morning.

Dogs at play

Day Care, grooming, walking, pet supplies

Surry Hills Vet

 Friendly, accommodating and genuinely care for your pets.

419 Cleveland St – 02 9699 3951

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